Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Director???...Who, Me?

A year and a month after signing up to be an independent consultant for Thirty-One I have promoted to
You really can make it in the direct sales world!

Earlier this year I was a few days away from going inactive. My life was packed full with everything else and I sat around waiting and hoping someone would call me to book a party! Lucky for me, my cousin did just that. PHEW! ;) A few weeks later I went to conference in Columbus Ohio and learned so much about the company and how to run my parties, team, and business as a whole. What an amazing group of women we have in the Thirty-One family.

I came home and put the words I heard into action! This promotion is proof that with the right training, which Thirty-One blows my mind away with (I am so supported) and a dedicated heart you really can do what ever you desire to do! And not only is my soul being filled with this wonderful accomplishment, my checking account is starting to fill out nicely too! :)

With all of that aside the best part of what I do, hands down, is coaching other women to build their own business. I LOVE to see how Thirty-One changes the lives of these women. Whether their intentions are to keep it as a hobby or make this a full time job, Thirty-One is an amazing company to work with!

I  Welcome and Encourage others to join in on this wonderful opportunity. I thought about joining a direct sales company years before joining Thirty-One. I am shy and never thought I'd be able to stand in front of others and "sell" anything. With a company that offers so much support and offers an amazing product that really "sells" itself I now look forward to standing in front of a bunch of ladies and telling them everything I love about the totes and purses and accessories that we offer.

Ask me questions about my business and see for yourself if it is for you! When you decide to join get in touch with me and I will help you get your best start!


Don't forget that you have TWO kits to chose from!!

Call: 207-689-4914

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