Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's official

On Friday October 15th I went to my lil sister's Thirty-One party. I had seen one of her skirt purses and thought it was super cute...and the party was a great excuse to get out of the house for a bit and visit with some other women. I had no intentions of buying anything but I wanted to go and have some fun. When Nikki, our consultant, told us how we could be consultants too and showed us the awesome deal we got when we signed up, I knew right then I wanted to sell Thirty-One.

I had thought about doing home parties in the past but nothing really got me too excited. But I LOVED the Thirty-One's bags and I saw how easy it was to sell them. I loved that the company was so new. I know there are others just like me waiting for this to fall in their lap and I wanted to find them.

On the 21st I signed up and waited for my big pink box.  Five days later, there it was on my door step. I've only grown more excited as I've learned more about the company, the products and the opportunity before me. Within days of signing up I have 4 parties booked. I am so excited and so ready and so confident this is a turning point in my life!